The Truth Hurts…

Sad news, but true. It seems this may be the end for ANON (90% sure). It’s been a good run, 16 episodes, wish it could have been longer, but you can’t force something into being. Also we don’t want to throw out some crap at you guys (though at times it seemed like we did?). Maybe a bit of history is in order…?

First Sven and I started with the Anime and Television in Toronto podcast, just because we wanted in on the podcasting world, had pretty strong opinions on anime and television, and felt that people may have wanted to hear those opinions. Of course we had news and reviews which we of course transferred onto this podcast. Keeping fans up to date on info and giving insight on shows was something that we felt we could give to the community. It sort of became our hallmark. With over 2000 downloads, I personally think that ATTO did well, and made us proud. Hopefully there are those out there that agree with my opinion. Our last episode of ATTO was released in August of 2007, and funny enough I don’t really remember why. But the important thing is that in May of 2008, ATTO was somewhat resurrected as ANON.

The Anime Online podcast really is just ATTO, scrapping the television news/reviews. But we hoped to at least improve on our quality and a few other things as well. ATTO may have had more downloads, but it has been out for much longer. With around 500 downloads in such a short time, ANON has done just as well.

Most importantly though, is all the listeners and downloaders who have stuck with us for this long haul, even from ATTO. Huge thanks to Zetzuei for really keeping us motivated. Sometimes we even wonder whether people are listening or not, but an email from you always keeps us going.

Hopefully we have somewhat enriched a few lives (as if…lol), or maybe just entertained others. Thank you all for the 2+ years of support. Typing all this makes me feel like I’m writing a blog… hmmm not a bad idea… All the episodes will still be available for download for as long as possible. Was our existence just a minor blip in the inflated podcasting universe? Who knows…? Moving along, make sure to keep on watching all that good stuff, shout-outs to all the other podcasts out there: keep it alive!, and “minna arigato gozaimasu”!

– Daisuke

P.S. Sven may or may not have his two cents in the coming days, but if not I think he shares the sentiments of above.


Difficulties, technical… etc.

An episode should have been out by now, but … it isn’t. Please bear with us, episode 17 will roll out soon. How soon, I’m not sure. Thank you all for your patience, rest assured we’re not dead (at least not yet). Hopefully you’ll all hear from us in the near future.

– Daisuke

ANime ONline Episode 16: Akagi

To ring in the new year, we have Episode 16. I know, it’s already the 9th (or the 10th depending on where you live), but that doesn’t matter. The first episode of 2009 contains the usual news and a review of the anime that centers on mahjong, Akagi.


– Daisuke ^_^

Episode 16:
Direct Download: Episode 16

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Akagi Opening Theme: “Nantoka Nare” by Furuido


Batman: Gotham Knight Picks Up Two Annie Nominations –

New La Corda D’Oro TV Anime in March Reportedly Leaked –

Toei Plans US$55-Million Digital Revamp of Tokyo Studio –$55-million-digital-revamp-of-tokyo-studio

Gatchaman Voice Actor Mikio Terashima Passes Away –

CLAMP’s Kobato Manga Gets TV Anime Next Fall –

Japan’s Killing Suspect Says He Is a Precure, Kitarō Fan –

Tsumiki no Ie, Piano Forest, Kaiba Win Media Arts Awards –

Phantom Visual Novel Gets Manga from Nitroplus –

Duel Masters Cross Film to Open in Japan in Fall 2009 –

Bandai Entertainment Gets Kurokami Anime –

Amazon Canada Lists CLAMP’s Mangettes: Gate 7 in August –

Peach-Pit Puts 3 Manga on Hold Due to Hospitalization –

Universal Signs Deal for Proposed Bakugan Film –

Upper Deck Disputes End of Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal with Konami –

Viz to Distribute Anime through Warner, iTunes Canada –

Virginia Man’s 20-Year Sentence for Anime Child Porn Upheld –

2008’s Top-Selling DVDs in Japan (Overall) –

Funimation Adds Ikki Tousen Anime, Beta Video Portal –

Funimation Adds Gad Guard Robot Adventure Anime –

FUNimation Adds Slayers Revolution, Evolution-R Fantasy Sequels –

FUNimation to Distribute Gungrave Anime for Geneon –

2009 One Piece Movie to Mark Anime’s 10th Anniversary –

Sunrise Plans for Gundam Anime’s 30th Anniversary –

During our break, promos for both the weeaboobies* podcast and Spiraken Manga Review podcast were played. We were lazy, but actually playing 2 promos was more work for us… also these two promos kind of contrast to each other.

Anime Under Review: Akagi

Sven’s Rating: B+         Daisuke: D

Summary: “One stormy night, Nangou is playing a game of Mahjong with the local yakuza. Soon, he finds himself on a losing streak. If Nangou loses, he will have to pay with his life. Suddenly, a young teenaged boy, Akagi Shigeru, barges in, drenched from the rain. After watching a couple of games, he offers to replace the struggling Nangou. At that moment, a new legend was born.” –
Trailer: Akagi OP

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ANime ONline Episode 15: Skip Beat! + A Town Where You Live

The last episode of 2008 has finally arrived. The first of many anime + something special reviews. Inside you’ll find a review of something shojo and something… shojo. Lots of shojo goodness (maybe a bit too much). Hope you all keep listening in the new year and please enjoy the episode.

– Daisuke

Episode 15:
Direct Download: Episode 15

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Skip Beat! Opening Theme – “Dream Star” by the generous

Anime Under Review: Skip Beat!

Sven’s Rating: C+         Daisuke’s Rating: B

Summary: “Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side. But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn’t care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn’t just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho.” –
Trailer: Skip Beat! Trailer

A promo was played for the Anime Hack podcast. This promo was probably long overdue, but here it is.

Manga Under Review: A Town Where You Live

Sven’s Rating: D         Daisuke’s Rating: C+

Summary: “The plot primarily follows the two characters Haruto Kirishima and Yuzuki Eba. Yuzuki moved from Tokyo to her father’s rural hometown in the Hiroshima Prefecture. Given that Haruto’s father is an acquaintance of Yuzuki’s father, the Kirishima’s take her into their home. Haruto is not keen of the situation because he believes that Yuzuki is a complete stranger and that a girl his same age, who is not a relative, living in the same home will cause complications for him. The misunderstanding he wants to avoid the most is that they are a couple because he already likes his classmate, Nanami Kanzaki. The problem is that Yuzuki has romantic feelings for Haruto and is not timid in pursuing a relationship.” –
Preview: A Town Where You Live Panel

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Tis the Season for Delays

So you all might have been wondering where the hell is Episode 15. Well, maybe not but with all the hype around it we thought we should give some feedback. Yes it has been delayed for one reason or another. A lot of things have happened lately and the Christmas season doesn’t help (supposed to be a happy and fun time?). Anywho fingers-crossed that Episode 15 will be out around Christmas time, hope that’s not too vague. It seems that a lot of other podcasts are taking their Christmas breaks as well, so at least we don’t feel as bad. So as promised Episode 15 will contain a review of an anime and also something special. That something will be a review of a manga, due the results of the poll (which is now closed FYI). I have a feeling that’s it’s going to be good, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get into the holiday spirit. If Christmas isn’t your thing, it’s still a good time to be with family and hang out with friends. Go outside!!! (Kind of hypocritical, but I’ll end my rant here). Keep on listening, and if you don’t hear from us before Christmas; happy holidays!!! ^_^

– Daisuke and Sven Walker, your ANON hosts

ANime ONline Episode 14: Over Drive

Hey, this has to be some kind of record for us doing and releasing an episode all in the same day. I guess it really helps when you don’t edit and just let things literally fly.

Hope you guys enjoy,  

– Sven ^_^

Episode 14:
Direct Download: Episode 14

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Over Drive Opening Theme – “WINDER ~Boku wa Koko ni Iru~” by Shonen Kamikaze


2nd Death Note Film to Run in Canadian Theaters –

DiCaprio is Producing Akira, Ninja Scroll, Not Acting in Them –

Live-Action Dragonball Pushed Up to April 8 in U.S. –

Valkyria Chronicles Game to Get TV Anime Next Spring –

0th Episode of 2nd Hayate Season to Ship on DVD –

Game-Inspired Heart no Kuni no Alice OVA Delayed –

Viz to Stream Naruto on Within 1 Week of Japanese Airing –

Libraries Offer Manga Ent. Titles for Digital Borrowing –

Japan’s Jump Festa to Preview Dragonball Film Footage –

Broccoli Books to Update Titles’ Status Before Closing –

Spielberg, Smith Reportedly Adapting Old Boy Manga Itself –

Cease & Desist Letters for Eva: 1.0, Soul Eater Fansubs –

AIC Agrees to Live-Action Bubblegum Crisis Proposal –

Maria Watches Over Us in 3D in New Year’s Eve Show –

3rd Seiyū Awards to Set Up Foreign Fan Award Category –

Japan’s Lack of Laws on Virtual Child Porn Criticized –

Oshii’s Live-Action Kill Film Gets Samurai Sword Manga –

Modern Artist Murakami to Open Animation Studio in LA –

During our break, a promo was played for the The Anime Roundtable podcast. Head on over for an intellectual peak into all things Japanese over a cup of coffee.

Anime Under Review: Over Drive

Sven: A         Daisuke: A+

Summary: “Shinozaki Mikoto is a student who’s life is really routine. Going to school, going home, going to school, going home…nothing changes….until the day the girl he likes talks to him and introduces him to bicycling. His life now has a new meaning, and a bright path has shown itself to Shinozaki. Experiencing both failure and success throughout his training, he works hard to become the best cyclist in the world.” –
Trailer: Over Drive OP

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ANON Poll #1

If you’ve listened to Episode 13, then you’ll know what this poll is about. Of course you’ll have to cast your ballots before we do Episode 15, so you have about a month. Even so, don’t delay, cast your votes today! Be it Movie + Anime, Manga + Anime, or just Anime (don’t vote for this one, it’s boring, therefore it won’t win).