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ANime ONline Episode 9: Kamen no Maid Guy

So it’s been two weeks, but we are back with another great episode for you guys. Hopefully you will hear from us again in another two weeks with another review + news.

Episode 9:
Direct Download: Episode 9

Enjoy ^_^

– Sven

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Kamen no Maid Guy Opening Theme – “Special Life!” by KOTOKO

Anime Under Review: Kamen no Maid Guy

Sven’s Rating: A         Daisuke’s Rating: B-

Summary: “Fumiwara Naeka is a granddaughter of a billionaire and the heir to his fortune. She is pursued by those who desire her inheritance. In order to protect her from them, an agent is dispatched in the form of a male maid, who looks like a masculine samurai wearing a mask and has teeth like a shark’s. Wearing a maid uniform, Kogarashi gives his best effort to serve Naeka. His noisy and pushy services make her daily life exciting.” –
Trailer: Kamen no Maid Guy Trailer

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ANime ONline Episode 8: Futakoi Alternative

Our review this time around is of an anime that has a bit of everything, (including twins with guns and even a tentacle monster!!!) namely Futakoi Alternative. Also the big news of August are here as well.

Episode 8:
Direct Download: Episode 8

– Enjoy ^_^

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Futakoi Alternative Opening Theme – “ぼくらの時間 (Bokura no Jikan)” by eufonius


Brazilian Team Wins 2008 World Cosplay Summit –

Fist of the North Star Manga Marks 25 Years with Wedding –

Naruto Manga Printed in 23 Nations, Anime Aired in 60+ –

Man Arrested for Threatening Japan’s Comike with Grenade –

Minami-ke Anime’s 3rd Season Reportedly Green-Lit –

Anime Under Review: Futakoi Alternative

Sven’s Rating: C+         Daisuke’s Rating: C-

Summary: “The Futaba Detective Agency, being run by Rentarou, who has taken over the family business, after his father’s death 3 weeks ago. Along w/ Sara & Souju, his live-in identical twin assistants. He ends up running afoul of the local Yakuza.” –
Trailer: Futakoi Alternative Trailer

Info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia, and any other sources we missed.

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