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ANON Poll #1

If you’ve listened to Episode 13, then you’ll know what this poll is about. Of course you’ll have to cast your ballots before we do Episode 15, so you have about a month. Even so, don’t delay, cast your votes today! Be it Movie + Anime, Manga + Anime, or just Anime (don’t vote for this one, it’s boring, therefore it won’t win).



ANime ONline Episode 13: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

So guys here is episode 13, an odd numbered episode so that means no news. Also Daisuke and I Skyped this episode due to my laziness, but it’s still good. Hope you enjoy. 

– Sven ^_^

Episode 13:
Direct Download: Episode 13

Edit: Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any fuzzy background noise this time. So give it a listen.

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Opening Theme – “Chōsai Kenbo Sengen (超妻賢母宣言)” by MOSAIC.WAV

Anime Under Review: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Sven’s Rating: B+         Daisuke’s Rating: A

Summary: “Thousands of years ago the God of destruction ,Enka, died saying thats its child would destroy the world.Thousands of years later the potential children of Enka are found (some human , some not) and take part in the Peaceful Family Operation in order to discover who the true child of Enka is and stop them from destroying the world by teaching them the importance of family love.” –
Trailer: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Trailer

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ANime ONline Episode 12: Bus Gamer

So guys, here is episode 12, an even episode so that means news and a review of Bus Gamer.

Episode 12:
Direct Download: Episode 12

Hope you enjoy ^_^

– Sven

Show Notes:

Opening Theme: Bus Gamer Opening Theme – “No Name” by Team AAA


Hellsing Manga Ends as Hirano Plans New Work Next Year –

Tetsujin 28, Samurai 7 Get Adapted as Stage Plays –

Evangelion 2.0 Film Set for Early Summer of 2009 –

Red Garden, NHK to End in Boxes, Not Single DVDs –

Anime for Sengoku Basara Action Games Confirmed for 2009 –

UNICEF Japan Continues Push against Virtual Child Porn –

Japanese Parliament Hosts Rival Adult Anime Petitions –

U.S. Copyright Law That Allows Equipment Seizures Signed –

Oshii Develops, Writes Musashi Miyamoto Samurai Film –

Funimation Confirms Shikabane Hime: AKA Acquisition –

Onegai Anime Fans Raise Y120,000 for Real Lake Locale –

Death Note, DMC’s Actor Matsuyama Gets APN Award –

Bandai Networks To Sell Bleach Guitars in Japan –

3 Arrested for Stealing Dragon Ball Vending Machine –

FUNimation Sues CA Retail Sites over Alleged Bootlegs –

New Dragon Ball, Tegami Bachi Anime to Be Streamed –

During our break, a promo was played for the weeaboobies* anime podcast. Check it out, because they give a feminine touch to the anime podcast world which is otherwise a sausage fest domain.  

Anime Under Review: Bus Gamer

Sven: C         Daisuke: B

Summary: “When three complete strangers, Mishiba Toki, Nakajyo Nobuto and Saitoh Kazuo, are hired by a corporation to compete in the Bus Game, an illegal dog-fight conducted in strict secrecy, they are given the team code of “Team AAA” (Triple Anonymous). This group of three who differ entirely from their living environments to their personalities have to work together effectively, but without mutually wiping out their mistrust of each other or prying into each other’s privacy. They only have one point in common – each of them need a large amount of money for their individual circumstances. To get the money, they must play in the game despite their very own lives being at stake.” –
Trailer: Bus Gamer OP

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ANON Promo 2

The long awaited second promo is finally here. Please give it a listen and spread the word. A lot of work was put into this, so tell us what you think.

Promo 2:
Direct Download: Promo 2

– Daisuke

Edit: Now you can download both promos and take a look at which animes that we reviewed in the past at our Promos/Past Reviews page. The link is at the top of the page. As always, enjoy ^_^