ANON Poll #1

If you’ve listened to Episode 13, then you’ll know what this poll is about. Of course you’ll have to cast your ballots before we do Episode 15, so you have about a month. Even so, don’t delay, cast your votes today! Be it Movie + Anime, Manga + Anime, or just Anime (don’t vote for this one, it’s boring, therefore it won’t win).



2 responses to “ANON Poll #1

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment Daisuke!
    Yeah, I know what you mean about me sounding ALOT clearer than everyone else. There are TWO reasons for that:
    1. I talk LOUDER lol
    2. Our mic, which is just a USB Logitech mic, isn’t really good at picking up everyone in the room, BUT hopefully, this Christmas, I should be getting a condenser mic… so… that should HOPEFULLY fix that shitty problem lol.
    Please don’t take this comment as me being snotty and obnoxious and take it like I’m being a douche bag, I agree with you. Lol.

    Also, I believe… 3 weeks ago.. make a month ago… my computer fucked on me… making me lose ALL my programs and shit, and making me downgrade my OS, and making me download Audacity again. (Not the problem, the problem is that I had my settings on my other System, since it fucked up, I lost all of them)

    What kind of mic do you guys use?
    (I can use it as a reference for getting one)

    Thanks again for the comment, and for well… being a good ass podcast! YEAH!
    We should do a joint episode with the Weaboobies and Fightbait or something lol.

    Sorry for the long ass comment…

    Anime HACK

    You guys are Canadian?
    Just wondering.
    Im asian.

  2. interesting poll

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