Tis the Season for Delays

So you all might have been wondering where the hell is Episode 15. Well, maybe not but with all the hype around it we thought we should give some feedback. Yes it has been delayed for one reason or another. A lot of things have happened lately and the Christmas season doesn’t help (supposed to be a happy and fun time?). Anywho fingers-crossed that Episode 15 will be out around Christmas time, hope that’s not too vague. It seems that a lot of other podcasts are taking their Christmas breaks as well, so at least we don’t feel as bad. So as promised Episode 15 will contain a review of an anime and also something special. That something will be a review of a manga, due the results of the poll (which is now closed FYI). I have a feeling that’s it’s going to be good, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get into the holiday spirit. If Christmas isn’t your thing, it’s still a good time to be with family and hang out with friends. Go outside!!! (Kind of hypocritical, but I’ll end my rant here). Keep on listening, and if you don’t hear from us before Christmas; happy holidays!!! ^_^

– Daisuke and Sven Walker, your ANON hosts


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