Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Truth Hurts…

Sad news, but true. It seems this may be the end for ANON (90% sure). It’s been a good run, 16 episodes, wish it could have been longer, but you can’t force something into being. Also we don’t want to throw out some crap at you guys (though at times it seemed like we did?). Maybe a bit of history is in order…?

First Sven and I started with the Anime and Television in Toronto podcast, just because we wanted in on the podcasting world, had pretty strong opinions on anime and television, and felt that people may have wanted to hear those opinions. Of course we had news and reviews which we of course transferred onto this podcast. Keeping fans up to date on info and giving insight on shows was something that we felt we could give to the community. It sort of became our hallmark. With over 2000 downloads, I personally think that ATTO did well, and made us proud. Hopefully there are those out there that agree with my opinion. Our last episode of ATTO was released in August of 2007, and funny enough I don’t really remember why. But the important thing is that in May of 2008, ATTO was somewhat resurrected as ANON.

The Anime Online podcast really is just ATTO, scrapping the television news/reviews. But we hoped to at least improve on our quality and a few other things as well. ATTO may have had more downloads, but it has been out for much longer. With around 500 downloads in such a short time, ANON has done just as well.

Most importantly though, is all the listeners and downloaders who have stuck with us for this long haul, even from ATTO. Huge thanks to Zetzuei for really keeping us motivated. Sometimes we even wonder whether people are listening or not, but an email from you always keeps us going.

Hopefully we have somewhat enriched a few lives (as if…lol), or maybe just entertained others. Thank you all for the 2+ years of support. Typing all this makes me feel like I’m writing a blog… hmmm not a bad idea… All the episodes will still be available for download for as long as possible. Was our existence just a minor blip in the inflated podcasting universe? Who knows…? Moving along, make sure to keep on watching all that good stuff, shout-outs to all the other podcasts out there: keep it alive!, and “minna arigato gozaimasu”!

– Daisuke

P.S. Sven may or may not have his two cents in the coming days, but if not I think he shares the sentiments of above.