Alias Origin: Maybe Daisuke from Digimon comes to mind, but that isn’t really the origin (though Digimon is one of my earliest animes, oldschool stuff). I guess I just really like the name Daisuke and if I were to have a Japanese name, that would be it. Also because of the reason below.

Favourite Anime: Aaah, so many to pick from. Do I even have a favourite anime? I always have a new favourite after each season, but I guess Ouran High School Host Club is placed pretty high up there. Maybe I’ll do favourites by category……another time.

Favorite Manga: Aaah same problem. Though not as bad. Hmmm Ouran comes to mind again….or maybe Genshiken.

Favorite J-Drama: Unlike Sven I actually watch J-Dramas. Closet hobby of mine, along with a few other things…like K-dramas and Hong Kong dramas. I don’t actually have a favourite, they just don’t do the thing for me (like the Itazura na Kiss drama was just bad), but Zettai Kareshi was really good. Guys should give it a chance even though it’s called Absolute Boyfriend (trust me).

Favorite J-Rock: Again a lot of favourites, but I’m now impressed with Joe Inoue and his ability to do everything. (Watch this video -> Hello! by Joe Inoue) Also Halcali is sounding really good lately (even though they are J-pop/hip-hop, I feel like putting them here, then again is Joe Inoue really J-rock?; I’ll let you guys decide). Of course it’s not a coincidence that they’re doing the opening and ending to Naruto: Shippuuden right now (the 4th).

Favorite J-Pop: Fukuyama Masaharu (if you know who he is, then props to you). Also can’t forget about AZU or Ayaka. Yeah, I listen to a lot more pop than rock.

Favorite non-Japanese show (North American Television): Heroes (one of the few things that Sven and I have in common).

About Me

What is there to know really…I’m pretty much broken down in the parts above. Same age as Sven (last time I checked he’s slightly older). Also a York University student but studying Space Science (cause my head is always in the clouds…yes I’ve always wanted to use that line and yes that is an anime/manga reference, very otaku of me. Try to guess what series.). Yeah, just your regular guy who’s a bit on the otaku side. I like a lot and I don’t like…not that much actually. Hence Daisuke -> Dai Suki… If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. Yep, so that’s it about me. Remember to keeping listening and leaving comments/emails etc. Arigatou, matte ne!

– Daisuke


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