Promos/Past Reviews

Listed below are our promos and also our past reviews and grades for them. As always we’ll always take recommendations for reviews if you don’t see an anime on our list. Want to know why an anime got it’s grade? Well listen to that episode(duh!). Any questions or comments, drop us an email at


Promo 1 – ATTO -> ANON
Promo 2 – The Godly Message

Past Reviews:

Anime Sven Daisuke
Episode 1 Vampire Knight C+ B-
Episode 2 School Days B+ C
Episode 3 Katekyō Hitman Reborn! D+
Episode 4 My-Hime B+ A
Episode 5 Shugo Chara! C+ A-
Episode 6 La Corda D’Oro B+ B
Episode 7 Chouja Reideen B+ B
Episode 8 Futakoi Alternative C+ C-
Episode 9 Kamen no Maid Guy A B-
Episode 10 Loveless B+ B
Episode 11 Linebarrels of Iron D+ C-
Episode 12 Bus Gamer C B
Episode 13 Kyouran Kazoku Nikki B+ A
Episode 14 Over Drive A A+
Episode 15 Skip Beat! C+ B
Episode 16 Akagi B+ D

Manga Sven Daisuke
Episode 15 A Town Where You Live D C+

– the ANON team


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